Ben and the Book of Time

Title: Ben and the Book of Time
Series: The Impossible Door Adventures #2
Published by: Drumra Books
Release Date: 22 June 2019
Contributors: Alexander Bryant
Genre: , ,
Pages: 310

“I’m afraid this is your present day, Ben, your eleventh birthday,” said Professor Rathbone.

Ben pointed to a banner across the central span of Admiralty Arch: ‘LONDON WELCOMES EMPEROR ADOLF.’

“Then what’s going on? That shouldn’t be happening.”

“It’s Time,” said the Professor darkly, “something has gone very badly wrong with Time itself.”

Ben and his time-travelling friends have been celebrating his birthday together, but there’s one birthday surprise he never expected. History has been changed somehow – his family and home no longer exist.

Can they travel from this strange new world to track down the mysterious Book of Time?

Will its secrets explain what has gone wrong and how Time can be fixed once again?

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