A Time Travel adventure for 9-13 year-olds

When ten-year-old Ben discovers a strange Door in his own neighbourhood, he simply has to explore further. After all, doors are not supposed to appear in shop walls all of a sudden. However, just one leap takes him to a family of time travellers – and the mystery of a missing girl who’s being hurled through history in a time storm.

Determined to help his new friends find their missing daughter, Ben finds himself travelling through history itself, and will pass through the thickest London fog ever, sail on RMS Titanic, attend a Presidential barbecue, and have to escape imprisonment in the Tower of London. But will his courage and wit be enough? Will Henry VIII, Amelia Earhart, Samuel Pepys, and Harry Houdini help him, or get him into more trouble? And who or what is trying to invade his mind?

The race through the time and against time has started. Can they find the missing girl, or will she have to spend her entire life being thrown through history?

Available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback formats.

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